Dr. Derek Colley
Ph.D MSc PgDip BSc(Hons) MCP


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Derek Colley is a Microsoft Certified Professional and experienced Microsoft SQL Server developer and database administrator (DBA), specialising in T-SQL development, database administration, performance tuning and the BI stack. Experienced predominantly in Microsoft SQL Server, he has more than a decade of extensive experience with SQL Server 2000 through to 2019, Oracle Database, IBM DB2, MySQL 5 and 8, PostgreSQL and a variety of non-relational databases including MongoDB and Dynamo DB.

Derek excels in, but is not limited to, the following technologies:

Databases SQL Server 2000–2019, Azure DB, AWS RDS, MySQL 5/8, Oracle Database, PostgreSQL.
Non-Relational DBs AWS Dynamo DB, MongoDB.
Business Intelligence SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, Tableau, Power BI, Oracle APEX
Languages Python, R, VBScript, some MATLAB, some PHP, and Powershell
Frameworks Agile (Scrum), ITIL.
Tools Many, including Visual Studio, PyCharm, Excel, MS Access, SSMS, MySQL Workbench, Bash, Spotlight for SQL Server, Idera, Sentry One (SQL Sentry), Redgate toolset and more.
Source Control/Workflow Git & Github, Subversion, TFS, Bamboo, Jenkins, some Go & Octopus.
Operating Systems Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Windows, Mac OS X at a push.
Cloud Microsoft Azure, AWS including administration, Oracle Cloud.

His SQL Server experience includes complete configuration of mirroring; log shipping; replication, availability groups, expert knowledge in the SQL language including code development, and expertise with the BI stack – SSRS, SSIS, multi-dimensional SSAS, and Power BI. He is also proficient in a selection of other technologies and expert at data manipulation and analysis with a variety of tools. Derek has a wealth of experience in designing and implementing data models and is able to architect data platforms to fit a variety of needs.

Derek’s research interests include database and information security, and relational database theory and practice. He has written more than 30 publications which include academic papers, essays and trade press articles. He has won two industry awards. He holds a Bachelor’s degree with Honours in Computing, a Postgraduate Diploma in Information Security and Forensics, a Master’s degree in Computing and a Ph.D in Computer Science, specialising in performance improvements within relational database query engines.

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