Academic Papers

Colley, D. and Asaduzzaman, M., 2021. Construction and Performance Analysis of a Sentiment Classification Method and Groomed Lexicon using Product Review Source Datasets. In preparation.

Colley, D. and Asaduzzaman, M., u.d. Derivation of Dynamic Schema Definitions from Query Patterns in Relational Databases for Improved Query Execution Efficiency. [Preprint].

Colley, D. and Asaduzzaman, M., 2021. A Novel Method for Calculating Query Hashes for Improved Query Grouping in Relational Database Management Systems. Transactions on Computational Science and Computational Intelligence, Springer. [Accepted for publication, in press].

Colley, D., Stanier, C., and Asaduzzaman, M., 2020. Investigating the Effects of Object-Relational Impedance Mismatch on the Efficiency of Object-Relational Mapping Frameworks. Journal of Database Management, vol. 31, issue 4.

Colley, D., Stanier, C. and Asaduzzaman, M., 2018. The Impact of Object-Relational Mapping Frameworks on Relational Query Performance. International Conference on Computing, Electronics & Communications Engineering 2018 (ICCECE '18).

Colley, D. and Stanier, C., 2017. Identifying New Directions in Database Performance Tuning. Procedia Computer Science, vol. 121, pp.260-265.

Colley, D., 2018. Improving Database Security for Relational Database Management Systems. Master's thesis, Open University, UK.

Colley, D., 2006. An Improved Image Recognition System for use in Bomb-Disposal Robotics. Bachelor's dissertation, Brunel University, UK.

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