Academic Papers

Colley, D., Stanier, C., and Asaduzzaman, M., 2019. Investigating the Effects of Object-Relational Impedance Mismatch on the Efficiency of Object-Relational Mapping Frameworks. In press.

Colley, D., Stanier, C. and Asaduzzaman, M., 2018. The Impact of Object-Relational Mapping Frameworks on Relational Query Performance. International Conference on Computing, Electronics & Communications Engineering 2018 (ICCECE '18), in press.

Colley, D. and Stanier, C., 2017. Identifying New Directions in Database Performance Tuning. Procedia Computer Science, vol. 121, pp.260-265.

Colley, D., 2018. Improving Database Security for Relational Database Management Systems. Master's thesis, Open University, UK.

Colley, D., 2006. An Improved Image Recognition System for use in Bomb-Disposal Robotics. Bachelor's dissertation, Brunel University, UK.

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